Microsoft- Azure for Research Award: Public Health

Due Date: Sunday, October 15, 2017

Maximum Total Funding: Negotiable

Scientists in many areas of research are affected by the growing need to better understand health issues that affect the world’s population. Whether they’re studying emerging infection diseases like the Zika virus, or chronic illnesses such as asthma and hypertension, scientists work with massive amounts of data and must push the limits of computer technology. Resolving health-related humanitarian crises as
well as smaller-scale problems requires innovation on all fronts, including computer science. The Microsoft Azure Public Health Research Award aims to support researchers who are able to find applications for their work in this area. Projects that work toward developing a better understanding of the prevention, spread, effect, and cure of diseases will be considered, as well as those that seek to better predict outbreaks of disease and other public health concerns. Qualifying proposals will be awarded allocations of Microsoft Azure compute and storage resources. Azure cloud computing helps you accelerate your research by providing what you need, when you need it. The Microsoft Azure for Research program awards cloud computing time, training, and resources to help you achieve more. Faculty, researchers, and graduate students are qualified to submit proposals for Azure awards for research projects. Masters and undergraduate students require a faculty project supervisor to submit their proposal.

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