The Leo Foundation Grant

Due Date: Friday, October 6, 2017

Maximum Total Grant Funding: Negotiable

The LEO Foundation supports international dermatological research projects and activities that address issues in disease understanding, disease treatment, disease awareness and patient wellbeing. Typical projects and activities are international studies, scientific symposia, science-based knowledge dissemination and awareness campaigns. The LEO Foundation welcomes applications from projects that: 1. Improve the understanding of the underlying medicinal, biological, chemical or pharmacological mechanisms of dermatological diseases and their symptoms. 2. Address clinical issues around people and patients who risk developing, or have developed, one or more dermatological diseases. 3. Enhance the understanding of dermatological diseases, the societal costs and impact on patient quality of life. The Leo Foundation prioritise projects that commit to sharing results with the general public, patients and healthcare professionals – for example through publication in peer-reviewed journals, oral presentations and public awareness campaigns. The Leo Foundation also prioritise projects with international scope and we favour projects that are based at a university or university hospital and applicants with solid, well-documented international research backgrounds. Finally, we also accept applications for to support university-based educational activities within natural sciences that help
attract students to medicine, chemistry and pharmacy. Projects not eligible for support include: 1. Students and/or academic fees. 2. Costs related to administration or overheads. 3. Participation in meetings or courses in Denmark. 4. Passive attendance at conferences. 5. Travel by several persons from the same research unit or department. 6. Expenses incurred prior to making an application or obtaining a grant. 7. Other foundations or associations. 8. Applications that are not submitted online. 9. Research projects by commercial companies. 10. Research projects involving commercial drug testing. 11. Clinical trials and register-based studies testing medical compounds.

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