The Thoracic Surgery Foundation* Edwards Lifesciences Foundation- TSF/Edwards Lifesciences Foundation Every Heartbeat Matters Award

Due: Sunday, October 15, 2017

Maximum Total Funding: $37,500

TSF, through the generosity and philanthropy of the Edwards Lifesciences Foundation Every Heartbeat Matters Campaign, is offering support of up to $37,500 for qualified surgeons who will conduct charity work in underserved regions/populations. This award is designed to provide support for: 1. Programs that educate, screen and/or treat underserved populations to reduce the global burden of heart valve disease and; 2. Other programs that advance health care and address underserved populations. This can include education and awareness campaigns, research, and/or direct care for underserved populations. Projects that address the following will be sought: 1. Proposed screening strategies and translation to surgical interventions in underserved regions/populations. 2. Focus on heart valve disease recognition and treatment in underserved regions/populations. 3. Specific statistics on the quantity of patients who will be screened. 4. Specific statistics on the nature and quantity of heart valve issues that will be detected.

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