Innovative Approaches or Technologies to Investigate Regional, Structural and Functional Heterogeneity of CNS Small Blood and Lymphatic Vessels (R01)


Posted Date: September 18, 2018

Due Date: December 11, 2017

Budget: $400,000

The NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research is a collaborative framework through which 14 NIH Institutes, Centers and Offices jointly support neuroscience-related research, with the aim of accelerating discoveries and reducing the burden of nervous system disorders.

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) will solicit research projects focused on the development of new technology and tools, or novel mechanistic studies, or a combination of mechanistic and technology development studies specific to central nervous system (CNS, which includes retina) small blood and lymphatic vessels in health and disease, across the life span.  The program aims at facilitating the development of tools and technology to image, profile and map CNS small blood and lymphatic vessels.  Additional goals are to elucidate the mechanisms underlying CNS small blood and lymphatic vessels structural and functional heterogeneity, differential susceptibility to injury, role in disease and repair processes, and their responses to therapies. Preclinical studies using in vitro and/or animal models specific to CNS small blood and lymphatic vessels alone or in combination with pilot human studies are appropriate for this FOA.

This initiative is one of the science projects supported by the NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research in FY 2018, which also include initiatives on “Dynamic Neuroimmune Interactions in the transition from Brain Function to Dysfunction” and “Characterization of Extracellular Vesicles.” For additional information on FOAs of NIH Blueprint science projects, please check NIH Blueprint website

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