Uncovering New Patterns Fellowships in Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke

Funder: The American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association

Deadline: November 01, 2017

Budget: $150,000

The purpose of this fellowship is to train a generation of postdoctoral fellows in the scientific area of
cardiovascular diseases and stroke and cloud computing. Specifically, this funding opportunity seeks to:
• test methods for data harmonization across different datasets to allow critical questions to be
asked in larger populations regarding biomarkers, genetic variants, or other variables in cloud
• test new methods for uncovering patterns within and across datasets in cloud computing;
• test new hypotheses for old yet unsolved problems within and across existing datasets in cloud
• identify new biomarkers, genetic variants, behavioral influences, and environmental changes
within and across existing datasets in cloud computing.
Applicants are highly encouraged to work within the AHA Precision Medicine Platform and Marketplace of
tools, (http://precision.heart.org) and provide a detailed paragraph in the research plan as to how the work
proposed will serve the greater community.


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