ASRM/PSF Combined Research Grant

Funder: The Plastic Surgery Foundation/ American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery

Due Date: December 1, 2017

Buget: $10,000


The PSF, along with the AAHS, AAPPS, AAPS, ACAPS, ASMS, ASPN, ASRM and PSRC, recognizes the importance of promoting innovative research in hand surgery, academic plastic surgery related to research, peripheral nerve research, microsurgery and stimulating fundamental research in plastic surgery. Together, these subspecialty organizations are dedicated to fostering the development of surgeon scientists and are committed to increasing the amount of research dollars, in order to fund pilot research studies that set the stage for investigators to apply to larger funding agencies.


“The PSF/ASRM funding that I recently received to study the histologic and clinical effects of radiation, and its timing on internal mammary vessels has had a profound impact on my academic career. While I have a significant research background, I have changed my research interests to align with my breast reconstruction and aesthetic practice. Funding from PSF enabled me to generate data, and a track record in a field that was relatively novel for me, thus improving my ability to obtain other grants. Further, the entire process has rekindled my interest in research, mentoring residents at my institution, and interacting with the keen innovators at ASPS that advance our dynamic field.”

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