Pilot Research Grants

Funder: The Plastic Surgery Foundation

Due Date: December 1, 2017

Budget: $10,000


The PSF Pilot Research Grant is intended to support residents and junior faculty in their efforts to address focused research questions, obtain preliminary data to support larger grant proposals in the future, and develop a line of research that can be carried forward into an academic career. This grant supports the preliminary or pilot phase of these research projects. Senior investigators are encouraged to use other funding mechanisms, but may apply for this grant if they are proposing a new research concept or novel idea for which no prior funding has been obtained. Projects that are a prelude to the NIH or other external funding agencies are encouraged.


“Pilot funding provided by the Plastic Surgery Foundation has been crucial to our lab’s success in bringing projects from the “drawing board” to the wet lab. Specifically, PSF pilot funding allowed us to undertake our exploratory studies using collagen microspheres to deliver exogenous WNT for the ex utero correction of cleft lip and palate in a murine model. The initial success demonstrated in our novel approach opens the door for much larger follow-on funding and hopefully will lead to the project’s ultimate goal—clinical translation.”


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