Gang Resistance Education And Training (G.R.E.A.T.) Program Training and Technical Assistance Support through Central America

Funder: Bureau of International Narcotics-Law Enforcement

Opportunity: INL18GR0001-WHPCENT-AMERICA-GREAT-102517

Due Date: December 27, 2017

Budget: $4,000,000

The purpose of this grant is to continue to provide G.R. E.A.T. Instructor Certifications to Central American Officers plus overall management and coordination of the Program, including scheduling of trainers and training; regular review, revision, and updating of curricula and training processes; publication and production of materials and resources needed for training and for instructors in the field; maintenance and enhancement of a dual-language G.R.E.A.T. Web site; continued development of program curricula and materials to improve accessibility for Central American audiences; and monitoring and evaluation of Program implementation to ensure fidelity to the Program design and effective delivery of services.

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