Advancing the Science of Multipurpose Technology for the Prevention of HIV and Unintended Pregnancy (R43/R44)

Funder: The National Institutes of Health

Opportunity: RFA-HD-18-102

Due Date: January 22, 2018

Budget: Negotiable

The purpose of this initiative is to invite SBIR applications to stimulate new and innovative multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) through the development of new combinations of agents and delivery systems to prevent HIV infection and unintended pregnancy among adolescent girls and young women.  HIV and unintended pregnancy are two major public health problems affecting young women globally. Combination prevention modalities may be more desirable and lead to better adherence in the end user, especially among younger populations. A viable and effective combination prevention modality would be ideal and critical for these young women who are at risk for HIV and who desire protection against pregnancy

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