ROSES 2017: Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics Networks

Funder: NASA Headquarters

Opportunity: NNH17ZDA001N-TCAN

Budget: Negotiable

Due Date: January 25, 2018

  • ROSES-2017 is an omnibus NASA Research Announcement. It contains over 50 different proposal opportunities. The document ‘Summary of Solicitation’ describes the common requirements for all ROSES-2017 proposal opportunities. The documents ‘Table 2’ and ‘Table 3′ contain the list of all proposal opportunities and their due dates. The document ‘Full ROSES 2017’ contains the Summary of Solicitation, Tables 2 and 3, and the description of all proposal opportunities; bookmarks within the document can help in navigation. Proposers interested in a single proposal opportunity may find the home page for that proposal opportunity by opening ‘Table 2’ (sorted by proposal due date) or ‘Table 3’ (sorted by appendix number) above or in the full ROSES document, and clicking on the appropriate hyperlink. Any amendments to ROSES-2017 may be found by opening ‘Amendments’. Any clarifications or corrections will be tracked in the “Corrections and Clarifications” document. All ROSES documents are kept up to date and incorporate amendments, clarifications, and corrections in a clearly identifiable manner. See Details

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