Energy Frontier Research Centers

Funder: Office of Science

Due Date: 4/11/2018

Budget: $396,000,000

Opportunity: DE-FOA-0001810

The goal of the SBR program is to advance a robust predictive understanding of how watersheds function as complex hydrobiogeochemical systems and how these systems respond to perturbations caused by changes to climate, land use/cover, contaminant loading and compounding disturbances. Using an iterative approach to model-driven experimentation and observation, interdisciplinary teams of scientists work to unravel the coupled physical, chemical and biological processes that control the structure and functioning of terrestrial environments across vast spatial and temporal scales. State-of-science understanding, captured in conceptual theories and models, is translated into a hierarchy of computational components and used to predict the system dynamics and evolution in response to natural and anthropogenic forcing. Basic understanding of the system structure and function is advanced through this iterative cycle of experimentation and observation by targeting key system components and processes that are suspected to most limit the predictive skill of the models. Applicants to this FOA must propose either a Standard Project or an Exploratory Project that will focus on measurements, experiments, and modeling to provide improved quantitative and predictive understanding of the hydrobiogeochemical functioning of watershed systems. All projects are required to clearly delineate an integrative, hypothesis-driven approach and clearly describe the existing needs and gaps in state-of-the-art models.

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