Environmental System Science

Funder: Office of Science

Due Date: 3/1/2018

Budget: $5,000,000

Opportunity: DE-FOA-0001855


The Biological and Environmental Research (BER) program within the Office of Science (SC), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) hereby announces its interest in receiving research applications for Environmental System Science (ESS). As part of the ESS program, the Terrestrial Ecosystem Science activity seeks to improve the understanding and representation of terrestrial ecosystems in ways that advance Earth system model parameterizations and capabilities. This FOA will consider applications that utilize and couple measurements, experiments, modeling and/or synthesis of terrestrial ecosystem across a continuum from the subsurface to the top of the vegetated canopy and from molecular to global scales. ESS hereby announces its interest in grant applications for improved quantitative and predictive understanding of critical terrestrial ecosystems processes and feedbacks preferentially within high latitude (i.e., Arctic and Boreal) and coastal ecosystems in the following areas: Interactions between above and below-ground processes and traits, impacts of disturbances on ecosystems, and coupled biogeochemical and energy fluxes at the terrestrial-aquatic interface. Applicants are required to pose their research applications in the context of representing terrestrial ecosystem processes appropriate for improving the predictability of Earth system models.

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