Innovations in Mechanisms and Interventions to Address Mental Health in HIV Prevention and Care Continuum (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)

Funder: National Institutes of Health

Due Date: 1/7/2020

Budget: Negotiable

Opportunity: PA-18-275

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) encourages applications focused on 1) advancing understanding of mechanisms by which mental health affects HIV prevention and treatment in order to identify modifiable intervention targets; and 2) developing and pilot testing expanded interventions to improve both mental health and HIV outcomes along the entire HIV care continuum (from HIV testing to viral suppression).

PA-18-274 uses the R01 grant mechanism while PA-18-275 uses the R21 mechanism. High risk/high payoff projects that lack preliminary data or utilize existing data may be most appropriate for the R21 mechanism, while applicants with preliminary data and/or include longitudinal analysis may wish to apply using the R01 mechanism.

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